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Especially For Parents With P3, P4, P5 or P6 Kids


Discover Why Over 1,693 Primary School Students Enjoy Learning Science At The Pique Lab, While Scoring As and A*s Easily In Just 3-6 Months! ...Here's How It Works!

In this 5-part video series, your child will learn:

  • Master The Essential Building Blocks: Properties of Matter VS The Three States Of Matter (… students tend to get confused between this two terms)
  • Learn Four Key Examination Question Trends on Matter (… these trends, once mastered, can potentially save your child a lot of time and unnecessary marks lost during his/her examinations)
  • Identify Important Keywords In The Question & How To Use Them To Your Advantage (… these clues can help to point your child to the right direction!)
  • Discover How To Apply Relevant Concepts To Tackle Common Experiment-centric Questions on Matter Accurately (… once mastered, your child will breeze through these questions when faced in his/her examinations)
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About The Coach: Ms. Genevieve Kee

Ms. Genevieve Kee is a PSLE Science Specialist from The Pique Lab. She has taught in a primary school and is trained under the Ministry of Education (MOE). With over 4 years of teaching experience, she is able to teach confidently using sound pedagogies and manage her students.

Like a big sister to the little ones, she treats each of them with respect and dignity. Believing in 'character first', she integrates character development into her teaching, and taps on all possible teachable moments to build pupils' strength of character and help them confidently change their own ability to think and to perform. Her positive and caring disposition endears her to her students.

This is the SAME methodology our high-performing students use when they're preparing for PSLE Science! Download it & use it! - It simply works!

Mr. Kenneth Mak Mr. Kenneth Mak
Co-founder & PSLE Science Specialist, The Pique Lab
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